The mission of Varsity Anagram LLC, a family company, is simply put as a commitment to the multimedia use of words, in less traditional format, such as anagrams and puns, for motivation, recognition and entertainment.

We divide our activities into individual concepts based on either the purpose of the concept or the basis from which it is developed. Within each concept we use multiple forms of media distribution including, but not limited to wristbands, books, apparel, decals, newsprint, email distribution, game shows, online access, etc. Currently there are four key Varsity Anagram concepts in operation, details of which can be accessed from within the individual hyperlinks contained in the concept summary paragraphs below.

Intended to use self-motivation of high school students to foster a higher level of individual graduation and overall school success rates. To reach the relevant webpage, click here.

Intended to foster public declaration that discrimination, for whatever reason, should not happen and that tolerance should be a core trait of all people. Pro-Tolerance wristbands are for individuals and groups who are willing to espouse that ethic and visibly show commitment to the concept. To reach the webpage, click here.

Anactagrams are anagrams of actor/actress names and are intended to be used as multimedia puzzles. To reach the website for Anactagram, click here.

For almost two decades, family and members of Varsity Anagram LLC have personally knitted literally hundreds of Prayer/Comfort Shawls and provided them, free-of-charge, to those having a tough time emotionally or physically. Now, with one of our members being a hobbyist costume jewellery maker, we picked up on a request to help those fighting breast cancer. To do that, we have designed a unique bracelet of pink ribbons and hearts that has two purposes. Firstly, as a comfort to the patient as something they can touch in times when the going is tough or there are no supporters close at hand. Secondly, the bracelets provide a means to raise research and support funds in the fight against breats cancer. To reach the webpage, click here.

This website, as well as introducing Varsity Anagram LLC, also serves as the functional website for varsity anagrams which are anagrams of college names. To start, click here.